Pencil Portrait on paper (17x14 inches)
One person (head and shoulders)- $600

Impressionistic portrait:
Oil Portrait on canvas
- $2500
One Person (head and shoulders)
(30x24 or 28x24 or 20x16 inches)

Photo realistic portrait:
Oil portrait on canvas
- $5000
One Person (head and shoulders)
(30x24 or 28x24 or 20x16 inches)


How to order...

If you have a good quality photograph of a loved one (human or otherwise!) which you would like to see turned into an affordable, unique, hand-drawn pencil portrait, I am certainly able to portray.

As a rough guide pencil portrait normally is completed in approximately 1 week and an oil portrait in approximately 1 month. Due to current workload, completion time may vary.

Please send a decent size, very clear photo by regular mail or by e-mail to janusz@migasiuk.com.

I can only draw what I can see, so the more detailed the photo, the more detailed the portrait.

If you need a group portrait but don't have a suitable photo, I can create your portrait from individual photos. Just send me the photos, either by email or USPS. All photos sent via mail will be returned.

All pencil portraits are sprayed with fixative
to prevent smearing, staining and
to promote longevity.



How to pay...

You can order a portrait by sending payment in full by Check or Money Order.

Once full payment is received and portrait is completed. It will be sent to you insured, along with any original photographs that you may have sent.

All portraits are guaranteed to be a likeness. You will be able to follow the progress of your portrait through the website.


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